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March 11th 1982


Following are negotiations with two Japanese distribution companies, Kanda Shokai and Yamano music, Fender Japan co. Ltd. was officially announced in the Grand Palace Hotel, Kudanshita, Tokyo (above picture). Three of the six board seats, 38 percent of the stock and all of the important product licenses were to be held by Fender. The guitars would be made at the Fuji Gen Gakki factory, Matsumoto, Japan, and the Greco team were chosen to build the new Fender guitars... (More)


A Web Site for Japanese Vintage Fender / Squier(JV) Enthusiasts!

First Issue JV

ender Japan did an outstanding job of manufacturing the Japanese Vintage (JV) instruments, their reputation has become known the world over. The JV has maintained a high resale value and also highly regarded as one of the finest guitars/basses in the world today.

I have tried to include as much info as possible in reference to Fender/Squier JV guitars and Basses. This site is by no means a complete single reference, however there is a large amount of helpful information inside. A good place to start investigating your own JV is in the Guide to JV Models.

The JV Forum is...

One of a kind actually, when it comes to JV or Japanese Vintage guitars of the early '80s! There's plenty of info about JV, MIJ, CIJ, Silver Series Squiers and the new Classic Vibe series!

Back in 1982, the very first Squier by Fender guitars and Basses came rising out of Japan. Known for their excellent vintage quality look, feel, sound and construction, those early Squier instruments and their Fender branded counterparts are now highly sought after collector's items revered by guitars enthusiasts as models of "Getting it right" while aiming at value conscious players.

Inside the JV Forum you may choose to register your JV guitars and basses where they will be recorded into the database along with the photos you provide.

Additionally, there are quite a few knowledgeable members from around the globe who are only happy to answer questions and share their knowledge! Join the JV Fellowship, today! JV Forum Take some time to read over this web site, I guarantee it will make you better at recognizing a true JV Instrument!


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